Light Photo 1.6.1 released

Light Photo 1.6.1 released! Get it here.
– Fixed border issue;

-LightPhoto App helps you bring out the best in your photographs. LightPhoto boosts your creativity and saves you time. Built to be fast, intuitive, and easy to use, it’s the efficient assistant you need — one set of powerful tools for your photography tasks.

-Create the perfect look for every image — LightPhoto includes a comprehensive range of leading-edge image processing tools. Make precise overall adjustments to color and contrast, convert to black-and-white, custom borders, custom watermarks, and much more.

-Enjoy the freedom, creativity, and productivity that comes from working within an intuitive environment perfectly designed for the job. The controls of LightPhoto are easy to master and let you breeze through your photography tasks quickly and smoothly.


☆ Adjust crop and straighten.
☆ Rotate or flip a photo.
☆ Adjust image color and tone.
☆ Adjust overall image tonal scale.
☆ Adjust image color balance.
☆ Adjust tonal range using Levels.
☆ Adjust color and tonality with Curves.
☆ Displaying image histogram information immediately.
☆ Unlimited Level Undo image adjustments.
☆ Tap the compare icon at any time to see the original image and compare it to your changes.
☆ Add multiple custom borders.
☆ Add multiple custom watermarks(text and image).
☆ Export to multiple destination. Album, Clipboard, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SinaWeibo, QQWeibo.
☆ Keep the original image exif
☆ Support for maximum image size: 8-megapixel.
☆ Pinch zoom image,1:1 scale.
☆ Tested on iOS 5 and iPhone 4S.