LightDV – HD Video Camera 

— LightDV, a professional, easy-to-handle camera application, offers everything needed in camera shooting. It enables you to record perfect HD videos whenever and wherever possible, bringing permanent enjoyment and happiness.


+ Real-time filter

– The application contains 77 filters that can be changed in real time when you are recording, which makes your videos diversified and funny. (With dark, light, cold, warm, invert and black-and-white styles.)

+ Optional background music

– You can choose one piece of music as your video dubbing, adjust the volume of microphone and music or forbid their use, show audio metering in real time and adjust monitor volume and record your personal MTV after put on your headset. (Please turn on the monitor after put on the headset, otherwise squeaking occurs.)

+ Superimpose TimeStamp and Signature

– You can superimpose timestamp and signature in your video (similar to TV station icon) and choose its location in top left corner, left bottom, top right corner or right bottom.

+ Pause

– Pause or continue recording. (Only by tapping with two fingers on the screen)

+ Timekeeping

– Timing board shows record time when recording


+ Lock auto focus and exposure and operate by yourself.

+ You can set and define record discrimination rate.

+ Simple Muilt-Touch operation.

– Tap specified area: focus and exposure

– Tap and hold: lock focus and exposure in specified area.

– Double-Tap: switch between full screen mode and function mode.

– Up-down or left-right swipe with one or two fingers: flip video vertically or horizontally.

– Tap the recording video with two fingers: pause.

– Tap the paused recording video with two finge.


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For iPad